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Wall Graphics - Interior, Exterior & Stairways

Our graphics allow you to take control of your interior decor. They are tailor-made to fit each individual wall. We can even tweak the colour if necessary to complement your colour scheme. We have several different textures and finishes of vinyl and paper onto which we print. Some are more suited to high traffic areas or bathrooms for example, so you can choose the overall finish of your wallpaper depending on how you want it to look and perform, bearing in mind its location. Have a look at the choice of textures on the left to see which finish would suit your room best.

A London Graphics Agency

1Focussing on design, quality and IMPACT
All of our illustrations are unique high quality designs using superior materials. First Impressions Wall Graphics can scan original photographs and drawings or you can send us your high resolution digital files to create Wall graphics, window and even floor graphics.

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Why Choose FI Wall Graphics?

2We are an all in one signage agency
We specialize in both modern and traditional designs. Our very own designers, our own advisers and our own top quality fitters will help you to make everything just how you want it to be at a competitive price. We are based in London but work nationally.

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Creative Retail Identities

3Empower your brand image
Inspiration doesn't always come easy. Which is why First Impressions Wall Graphics offers a wall mural design service based on your we can do the thinking for you! Let us WOW you. You'll be "liking" us before you know it.

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